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Religious Preference as a Factor in Attitudinal and Background Differences Among College Freshman CSQ

Hartnett, Rodney T.; Peterson, Richard E.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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College Freshmen, College Student Questionnaires (CSQ), Religion, Religious Differences, Student Attitudes


Differences among four religious preference groups--Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and those with no formal religion (NFR)--in a cross section of 1500 college freshmen were explored by means of the College Student Questionnaires, Part 1. Of the seven CSQ-1 scales (Family Independence, Peer Independence, Liberalism, Social Conscience, Cultural Sophistication, Motivation for Grades, and Family Status), variation on five was significantly associated with religious preference even after controlling for socioeconomic status and sex. Protestant-Catholic differences were small compared to the differences between the combined Catholic and Protestant Ss vs. non-Christians (Jews and NFR's). Differences among Protestant denominations were also slight.

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