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Student Curriculum Decisions CDQ

Halpern, Gerald; Norris, Lila
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Academic Ability, Case Development Questionnaire (CDQ), Decision Making, Information Utilization, Student Attitudes, Student Educational Objectives


Grade 10 students at two high schools took the Case Development Questionnaire, an information-search assessment instrument. A description of the way these students sought to make curricular decisions was obtained: (1) they tended to select information which counselors had judged to be most relevant; (2) their information search sampled the available information areas with the exception of values, which tended to be neglected; (3) their information-search pattern changed as they received information, i.e., information at first considered important would be reclassified as unimportant (and vice versa) as new information was received; (4) the information area of abilities was considered the most important, plans and interests less important, and values least important.

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