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A Computer Program for Restricted Maximum Likelihood Factor Analysis

Gruvaeus, Gunnar T.; Joreskog, Karl G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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National Science Foundation (NSF), Computer Software, Factor Analysis, Goodness of Fit, Maximum Likelihood Statistics, Statistical Analysis


The program performs a factor analysis of a given correlation matrix in the following way. Any values may be specified in advance for any number of factor loadings, factor correlations and unique variances. The remaining free parameters, if any, are estimated by the maximum likelihood method. The generality of this approach makes it possible to deal with all kinds of solutions: orthogonal, oblique and various mixtures of these. By choosing the fixed parameters appropriately, factors can be defined to have desired properties and to make subsequent rotation unnecessary. The goodness of fit of the maximum likelihood solution under the hypothesis represented by the fixed parameters is tested by a large-sample chi-square test based on the likelihood ratio technique. If desired, standard errors of the estimated parameters can be obtained. (See RB-70-15).

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