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A Description of the Independent Activities Questionnaire IAQ

Klein, Stephen P.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Achievement, Biographical Inventories, Independent Activities Questionnaire (IAQ), Predictive Measurement, Questionnaires, Self Report Measures


The Independent Activities Questionnaire (IAQ) is designed to assess an individual's achievements in various fields, such as "art" and "science," that may not necessarily be reflected in school or college grades. The items are of a biographical type (e.g., "Have you ever built a piece of scientific apparatus . . . ?") and deal mainly with activities involving individual contribution and initiative. If the respondent claims an accomplishment, he or she is asked for specific factual information so as to encourage accurate reporting. The types of accomplishments measured by the IAQ have been shown to be among the best predictors of similar achievements in college and in life (Holland, 1964; Holland, 1967; Klein & Owens, 1965). The directions for taking the IAQ are included in the booklet. Since this is a self-report instrument, the student may complete it at his or her convenience; testing conditions, proctors, and related controls are not needed. Almost all students complete the IAQ in less than 45 minutes.

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