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Attitudes and Secondary School Backgrounds of Catholics Entering College CSQ

Centra, John A.; Hartnett, Rodney T.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Background, Catholics, College Freshmen, College Student Questionnaires (CSQ), Social Conscience Scale, Student Attitudes, Values


The purpose of this study was to compare Catholic freshmen enrolled at Catholic and non-Catholic colleges who, in turn, had graduated from Catholic or non-Catholic secondary schools. The sample consisted of 1,700 men from six Catholic and seven non-Catholic colleges. Attitudes, background characteristics, and reasons for choice of college were examined by means of the College Student Questionnaires, Part 1, in order to investigate the conclusion of recent research that cumulative formal Catholic education produced adults who were not only more religious but whose attitudes reflected more social concern. Differences on the Social Conscience scale, however, suggested that students who chose a Catholic college already reflected more social concern. Other similarities and differences are also discussed.

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