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Assessing the Learning Environment in the Classroom: A Manual for Users of OScAR 5V

Ames, Nancy P.; Medley, Donald M; Schluck, Carolyn G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Classroom Observation Techniques, Educational Environment, Guides, Observational Studies, Verbal Communication


Modern methods for recording sight and sound on motion picture film and audio or videotape make it possible to obtain and preserve records of classroom behavior that are complete for all practical purposes. However, such records do not lend themselves very well to scientific analysis. Most of the details that enrich them will be inevitably irrelevant to any particular purpose and tend to conceal whatever useful information the behavior records may contain. Before such information can be extracted from the record in usable form, the relevant data must be abstracted, recorded, and quantified. This is the task "OScAR 5V" (Observation Schedule and Record, Form 5, Verbal) is designed to accomplish. This is a manual for OscAR 5V users.

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