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Predicting Multiple Criteria of Creative Achievements With Moderator Variables

Evans, Franklin R.; Klein, Stephen P.; Rock, Donald A.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Academic Achievement, Creativity Research, Interpersonal Competence, Multiple Regression Analysis, Predictor Variables, Sex Differences


A moderated regression technique was applied to two samples of males and females each of which had multiple predictor, moderator, and criterion information. One moderator was found that consistently identified a group of predictable individuals independent of both sex and the three creative achievement criteria. This moderator was a modification of the Drews sociability scale and it indicated that those individuals who had little or no inclination towards social functions tended to be considerably more predictable than the remainder of the sample or when the group was taken as a whole. Within the low social groups, girls appeared to be somewhat more predictable than boys on two of the three creative achievement criteria, however the greatest discrepancy appeared in the writing criterion where the girls were substantially more predictable. Finally, the low sociability groups were characterized by greater predictive accuracy regardless of whether "tailored" or overall prediction equations were used.

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