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Linear Multidimensional Scaling of Choice

Bechtel, Gordon G.; Chang, Wei-Ching; Tucker, Ledyard R
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ETS Research Bulletin
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National Institute of Mental Health, Least Squares Statistics, Models, Multidimensional Scaling, Statistical Analysis


A multidimensional scaling analysis is presented for replicated layouts of pairwise choice responses. In most applications the replicates will represent individuals who respond to all pairs in some set of objects. The replicates and the objects are scaled in a joint space by means of a linear model which assigns weights to each of the dimensions of the space. Least squares estimates of the replicates' and objects' coordinates, and of unscalability parameters, are obtained through a manipulation of the error sum of squares for fitting the linear model. The solution involves the reduction of a three-way least squares problem to two subproblems, one trivial and the other solvable by classical least squares matrix factorization. The analytic technique is illustrated with political preference data and is contrasted with multidimensional unfolding in the domain of preferential choice.

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