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Disadvantaged Children and Their First School Experiences. Educational Testing Service - Head Start Longitudinal Study. From Theory to Operations PROSE

Althauser, Robert; Anderson, Scarvia B.; Ball, Samuel; Barnett, Samuel; Beaton, Albert E.; Boyd, Joseph L., Jr.; Damarin, Fred; Emmerich, Walter; Ironside, Roderick A.; Jungeblut, Ann; Lambert, Robert.; Medley, Donald M; Norton, Daniel P.; Schwartz, David; Shipman, Virginia C; Sidwell, Gray; Smith, Marshall P.; Ward, William C.; Webb, Jesse
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ETS Program Report
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Subject/Key Words:
Office of Economic Opportunity, Classroom Observation Rating Scale, Disadvantaged Youth, Longitudinal Studies, Personal Record of School Experience (PROSE), Preschool Children, Program Evaluation, Project Head Start, Research Methodology

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