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Development of a Structured Interview to Explore Vocational Decision-Making

Katz, Martin R.; Kirsh, Elaine; Norris, Lila
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Career Choice, Decision Making, Evaluation Methods, Guidance, Interviews, Prediction


This paper describes the development of a structured interview schedule to be used to explore individuals' decision-making processes in choosing a vocation. The interview is intended "to get at the individual's constructs, perceptions, attitudes and thinking about occupational choice". A "walking tour through the interview questions" is presented with comments on problems encountered and insights gained at each step. Subjects were from two groups - 1) students at a two-year community college, and 2) non-college-bound seniors in high school. Two versions of the questionnaire are presented in an appendix. Form A is the initial oral version of the interview schedule and Form C is a version converted for pencil and paper administration. Form B was mainly variations in the order of presenting questions and a Form D was an unsuccessful attempt at a shortened interview schedule. (These latter two versions are not included in the appendix.)

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