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OScAR Goes to Nursery School: A New Technique for Recording Pupil Behavior PROSE

Medley, Donald M
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Behavior Rating Scales, Classroom Observation Techniques, Early Childhood Education, Personal Record of School Experience (PROSE), Student Behavior


A new instrument for classroom observation called the Personal Record of School Experience (PROSE), has been developed at Educational Testing Service. While PROSE was invented for a specific project involving 2000 4-year-old ghetto children, its general applicability has already become apparent. PROSE represents a primitive method of classroom observation since it does not provide an observer rating type of classroom record. PROSE strives to eliminate observer subjectivity by requiring only the objective recording of observable events. The record is also personal since the observer only watches one child at a time and records all his/hers activity. PROSE is thus similar to ecological studies, except that the child's record is coded in the classroom rather than from a later review of films and recordings taken in class. The in-class coding is made possible by the PROSE "language," based on 11 word statements that can be fed directly to the computer. Static conditions, such as subject matter, class organization, and instructional materials are also records. The 11 word statements used by the observer code all aspects of the particular students's current activity, including level of attention, physical activity, and manifest affect.

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