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Some Implications of Piaget's Research for Testing Young Children

Chittenden, Edward A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Children, Developmental Psychology, Educational Research, Piaget, Jean, Psychology, Test Theory


This paper briefly describes several ways in which Piaget's work may be relevant to research on testing young children. In the current Piaget "revival" considerable attention has been given to the implications of his work for educational thought and for research in developmental psychology, but less attention has been given to possible contributions to the field of measurement per se, despite the fact that in many experimental studies investigators have struggled with the problem of modifying Genevan techniques into suitable measures. In this paper it is proposed that Piaget's contributions may stem from three aspects of his writings: (a) his theoretical analysis of the development of intelligence; (b) his methods of inquiry; (c) his accounts of how the young child views the world. It is also argued that we cannot undertake "assimilation" of his tasks without some "accommodation" to his theory.

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