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The First Year of Sesame Street: An Evaluation

Ball, Samuel; Bogatz, Gerry Ann
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ETS Program Report
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Sesame Street, Program Evaluation, Televised Instruction, Early Childhood Education


Teachers of encouraged classrooms were asked to answer questions. This questionnaire is presented in the Appendix. Field operations are described. The demographic composition of the 1124 children who had completed the initial sample and their pretest scores are presented. Posttests were given to 943 of the previously pretested children. The chapter on results consists of descriptive analyses of nine groups of children: 1) all 943 children; 2) disadvantaged children; 3) three- , four- , and five-year old children; 4) boys and girls; 5) at -home children; 6) at-school children; 7) advantaged children; 8) Spanish-speaking children; and 9) rural children. Teacher questionnaire results are discussed.

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