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Population Limitation and Women's Status: A Bibliography SES

Keiffer, Miriam G.; Warren, Patricia A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Bibliographies, Contraception, Family Sociological Unit, Family Planning, Females, Sex Discrimination, Sex Role, Socioeconomic Status (SES)


This bibliography is an independent supplement to the proceedings, papers, or discussion sessions of the New York Academy of Science Workshop on The Impact of Fertility Limitation on Women's Life-career and Personality, held at the Academy in New York City, February 19-21, 1970. It was compiled in two ways. First, participants in the workshop were requested to submit whatever references they thought should be included. About 70% responded. In addition, bibliographies were consulted that were collected by other individuals. Articles were categorized as either directly or indirectly related to the issues of the workshop. In the first category are articles under the headings "the changing family," "social and psychological influences on family size," "reproduction control and limitation policy," "women in society (status--legal issues)," women in the world of work," and "psychological issues and problems." In the second category are articles under the headings "female physiology and sexuality," "related social commentary," and "general works" historical, philosophical, religious, anthropological, sociological." Articles in each category are listed alphabetically by the headings, and in some cases under two headings when they seemed equally pertinent to both.

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