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Some Biographical Correlates of Performance for Disadvantaged Adolescents

Freeberg, Norman E.; Evans, Franklin R.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Adolescents, Biographical Inventories, Disadvantaged Youth, Factor Analysis, Test Interpretation, Work Experience Programs


Biographical information dealing with such areas as family characteristics, work experience, and education was obtained for disadvantaged male and female adolescent school dropouts enrolled in a government sponsored youth-work training program. Scores on 17 biographical variables were intercorrelated with an experimental battery of attitudinal and intellectual tests (developed specifically for disadvantaged adolescents) and with proficiency ratings obtained from the enrollees' counselors and work-site supervisors. Separate analyses for the male and female samples indicated that variables of educational experience, family economic status, and family structure were generally related to rated proficiency for males but not for females. Educational level was the background variable most extensively related to scores on the test battery for males, whereas, for females, family income played the dominant role. Factor analyses of the background variables produced four factors for male and female samples with the two major dimensions being readily definable as Family Stability and Adult Experiences.

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