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Sex Differences in Mathematics Achievement - A Longitudinal Study SCAT STEP

Hilton, Thomas L.; Berglund, Gosta W.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Academic Achievement, Longitudinal Studies, Mathematics, School and College Ability Tests (SCAT), Sequential Tests of Educational Progress (STEP), Sex Differences, Study of Academic Prediction and Growth


With the objective of investigating sex-typed interests as possible causes of difference in mathematics achievement between the sexes, the study made use of longitudinal data from the Growth Study, begun at ETS in 1961. Growth in mathematics achievement as measured by STEP Math and SCAT-Q was compared with changing interest patterns as reflected in certain biographical questionnaire resonses. At grade 5 there were no differences in achievement, but thereafter the boys pulled ahead, while parallel differences emerged in the percentage perceiving mathematics as interesting and as likely to be helpful in earning a living. (23pp.)

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