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The Role of Cognitive Style in Academic Performance and in Teacher-Student Relations NIH

Witkin, Herman A.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Graduate Record Examinations Board, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Academic Achievement, Career Choice, Cognitive Style, Teacher Student Relationship


The cognitive characteristics involved in a relatively field or field independent cognitive style and the personal characteristics associated with these contrasting styles have been shown to play a role in a students' selection of electives and majors, (b) vocational preferences they experience early in their academic careers, and (c) the vocational choices they make. These characteristics have been related as well to performance in different subjects in school and in later vocational choice; they have also been implicated in shifts in majors during the college years. Finally, they have been found to influence teachers' ways of teaching and students' learning patterns. Studies and teachers matched in cognitive style show positive mutual evaluation, whereas teachers and students who are mismatched, tend to evaluate each other negatively. (Author/JB) (60pp.)

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