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Performance-Based Education - Position Papers

Potter, David A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Competency Based Teacher Education, Educational Change, National Commission on Performance Based Education, Program Development, Research Needs, Teacher Certification


Five position papers on performance-based education are presented. The papers are: "A Research Strategy for Performance-Based Education" by David A. Potter; "Developing Competency-Based Programs," by W. Robert Houston; "Performance-based Certification: A Teacher Unionist's Point of View" by Sandra Feldman; "Performance Analogies of Alice Chooses a Door," by Theodore E. Andrews; and "The National Commission on Performance-based Education," by Frederick J. McDonald. An introduction and conclusion are presented by David A. Potter. The five papers discuss some of the problems facing performance-based teacher education as viewed by representatives of several different segments of the educational community. Teachers, teacher educators, state certification agencies, and educational researchers look at teacher education from viewpoints that are at times widely divergent. The first four papers examine these viewpoints; the fifth presents an approach to performance-based teacher education that is responsive to the needs of these different groups without sacrificing the validity of the movement.

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