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Proceedings of Symposium: Toward the Development of More Comprehensive Sets of Personality Measures

Cattell, Raymond B.; Dermen, Diran; French, John Winslow, 1918-; Goldberg, Lewis R.; Harman, Harry H
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Office of Naval Research, Conferences, Individual Differences, Personality Assessment, Psychological Studies, Research Problems


The symposium focused on some problems and issues in the assessment of human personality traits and was planned around a research study being conducted by Educational Testing Service under contract with ONR. The study is trying to provide a service to researchers who are working (through the use of factor analysis) toward a theoretical basis in the personality domain. The idea for preparing the Proceedings developed in the course of the actual symposium. Included in the Proceedings are papers by: Lewis R. Goldberg, The Exploitation of the English Language for the Development of a Descriptive Personality Taxonomy; John W. French, The Identification of Personality Factors from a Systematic Review of the Literature; Diran Dermen, Verification Study of 28 Self-Report Personality Factors; and Raymond B. Cattell. Factor Reference Kits and Personality Structure Theory. Also included in the Proceedings are comments by the two discussants: Joseph R. Royce and Donald W. Fiske.

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