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Body Perception With Active vs. Passive Touch: Some Factors Affecting Apparent Arm Length USPHS

Baker, A. Harvey; Schlater, Jerry A.; Wapner, Seymour
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ETS Research Bulletin
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United States Public Health Service (USPHS), Perception Tests, Kinesthetic Perception, Body Image


Two experiments (6 Ss) tested the hypothesis that apparent length of outstretched arm shrinks when an object acts on the passive hand, and increases when the hand acts on an external, stationary object. Experiment I involved nominal judgments regarding which of two outstretched arms, each involved in a different type of contact, was longer. Experiment II, using a single outstretched arm, involved adjustment of an indicator over the fingertips to obtain interval scale measurements. Results, which supported the hypothesis, were interpreted as reflecting effects of the directionality of action involved in the hand-object contact. (22pp.)

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