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Regional Differences in Grading Practices

Pinchak, Barbara Moretti
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Office of Education, Grading, High Schools, Regional Characteristics, School Surveys


In 1972, 1069 high schools participated in a nationwide survey. Of those schools reporting information about their grading systems, 67.6% indicated that only letter grades were used, 16.3% indicated that only percentage grades were used, 5.4% used a system which combined letter and percentage grades, 2.6% used only numerical grades, 1.7% used only other types of grades (such as pass-fail), 3.6% used a combination of grades types other than letter and percentage grades, and 2.7% of the schools did not indicate the exact system used. However, on a regional basis, the popularity of particular grade types varied. Also, within regions, there was quite a bit of variance in grade type used for state to state. This survey points out the difficulty in comparing grades from different parts of the country. (18pp.)

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