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Autest--Program to Perform Automated Hypothesis Tests for Nonstandard Problems (Revised version of RM-73-07) NSF

Lord, Frederic M.; Stocking, Martha L.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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National Science Foundation (NSF), AUTEST, Computer Software, Data Processing, Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Analysis


This write-up describes AUTEST, a FORTRAN IV computer program to test vector hypotheses about means and covariances from one or two large samples. It is intended only for readers who are familiar with the theoretical foundations as described in Lord (1973). Section 1 gives the general description of the package. Section 2 describes the algorithm used to compute derivatives numerically. Section 3 describes in detail the required input, the output, and messages which may appear in the output. Section 4 describes the subroutine XIHAT which computes the XI vector according to user coding. The package provides the skeleton of this subroutine, and this section gives detailed instructions on how to use it. If the user wishes to change the maximum number of variables or samples or hypotheses, information for this purpose is provided in Section 5. Machine dependent features are listed in Section 6. A complete sample problem is discussed in Section 7, and the input and output are listed.

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