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The Selection and Development of Performance Measures for Assessment Center Programs

Crooks, Lois A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Assessment Center Method, Business, Evaluation Methods, Management Games, Management Progress Study, Promotion (Occupational), Simulation, Test Construction, Test Selection, Work Sample Tests


The Assessment Center Method is a comprehensive, standardized procedure in which multiple appraisal techniques are used in combination to evaluate individuals for various purposes, primarily used in a business setting to identify those with potential for higher level procedures. The dimensions to be observed and measured in an assessment center program should stem from factors demonstrated to be inherent in job performance at the target level. Techniques generally used in assessment center programs such as the in-basket, the leaderless group discussion, techniques of group observation, management games, and role playing are described. The selection or development of these techniques depends on the time and resources available to the organization considering the use of the Assessment Center Method.

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