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SIGI: An Operational Example of Computer-Based Career Guidance SIGI

Godwin, William F.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Career Education, Computer Oriented Programs, Decision Making, Educational Technology, Guidance, Information Systems, System of Interactive Guidance and Information (SIGI)


This report discusses SIGI, an operational example of a computer-based career guidance system. The system demonstrates that such a service can be performed well and at a cost within the reach of most schools. Data collected during the pilot trail indicate that students who had used SIGI were more aware of the career options open to them and the costs and risks associated with their options than students who had not used the system. SIGI is viewed not merely as a demonstration of computer-aided education, but more as a demonstration of how technology can be used to give students more control over their lives. The author sees the important feature of the system as its ability to respect the student's capacity to direct his or her own life and make his or her own decisions.

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