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Today's Women Students: New Outlooks and New Challenges ACE CSQ

Wilson, Kenneth M.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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American Council on Education (ACE), Career Choice, College Student Questionnaires (CSQ), College Students, Demography, Family Planning, Females, Role Perception, Surveys, Trend Analysis


This report points out trends regarding women's attitudes and ambitions regarding careers, family and the role of women in society, and suggests some implications for college administrators. Data was gathered over the last 10 years (1965-74) via questionnaires to entering freshmen and seniors at several liberal arts colleges for women. Trends noted include decrease in desired family size, broadening of career horizons, increase in desire to combine career with family, increase in uncertainty regarding career objectives, decrease in the importance of "raising a family" and increase in the importance of "becoming an authority in my field" and "becoming a community leader." It is suggested that colleges: a) allocate definite responsibility and resources to the process of monitoring the educational and career preferences, problems, and attitudes of women students; b) question the adequacy of current career-counseling and placement programs for women; and c) re-examine educational procedures and arrangements with a view to determining whether or not they are consistent with the changing career outlooks and orientations of young women in college today.

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