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Normal and Discrepant Face-Voice Integration in Early Infancy

Lewis, Michael; Townes-Rosenwein, Linda; McGurk, Harry
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Auditory Stimuli, Infant Behavior, Parent-Child Relationship, Sensory Integration, Visual Stimuli


The present series of studies was undertaken to explore intersensory processing in the very young. In the first experiment 1-4, and 7-month-old infants experienced simultaneously their mother's faces and voices. The various conditions indicated that infants as young as one month of age show increased looking behavior although there was no indication of emotional upset when there was face-voice displacement. In order to determine why voice displacement results in increased looking, several other face-voice pairings were observed. In the second experiment face-voice discrepancies, such as mother's face with stranger's voice, were presented. The results indicate that face-voice discrepancy is an effective as face-voice displacement,suggesting the face-voice schema integration exists in the very young. These results and discussed in the context of the integration of scheme in the young infant. (Author) (37pp.)

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