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The Factor Analytic Program ERMLFA ERMFLA

Wingersky, Bary G.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Computer Software, ERMLFA, Factor Analysis


The Factor Analytic Program ERMLFA (Empirically Restricted Maximum Likelihood Factor Analysis) and its features is described for prospective users. The description includes 1) a brief summary of how the program generates a plausible analysis of a positive definite correlation matrix, R, of order n, into m < n orthogonal common factors and 2) an illustrative example from Harman's book, "Modern Factor Analysis." The program written in FORTRAN IV handles up to 100 variables for up to 15 factors. Printed output includes the orthogonal common factor matrix in canonical form, a large square matrix containing the sample correlations and the estimated population correlations, and a page of printout providing numbers bearing on the goodness of the factor analytic fit in measures that can be compared with those generated by other methods of analysis.

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