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Change in Education: Three Policy Papers on the Implementation of the "Education for ALL Handicapped Children Act," 94-142

Education Policy Research Institute
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Office of Education, Children, Disabilities, Educational Policy, Federal Legislation, Program Development, Public Education, Special Education


The three policy papers are intended to help with the implementation of PL 94-142, "The Education for All Handicapped Children Act." They provide examination of areas in which policy issues arise. The report focuses on: 1) the need for a comprehensive program of identification of handicapped children; 2) the need for individual educational plans for each handicapped child; and 3) the financing of educational services to the handicapped. Difficult policy issues require that: 1) identification of, and an appropriate education for all handicapped children be provided; 2) diagnosis and treatment due process be given and record confidentiality kept; 3) nondiscrimination of placement and services be observed; and 4) adequate financing be provided. To PL 93-380, PL 94-142 adds that an individual education plan be developed for each handicapped child. Also, states will receive federal funds on the basis of the number of handicapped children who are already receiving services in their state. Identification of handicapped children is discussed, as is content of individualized plans. Financing of educational services for the handicapped is analyzed. (SGK) (40pp.)

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