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Relating Tests Given to Different Samples

Rubin, Donald B.; Thayer, Dorothy T.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Correlation, Psychometrics, Sampling, Statistical Analysis


Supposes a collection of standard tests is given to all subjects in a random sample, but a different new test is given to each group of subjects in nonoverlapping subsamples. A simple method is developed for displaying the information the data set contains about the correlational structure of the new tests. This is possible to some extent even though each subject takes only one new test. The method uses plausible values of the partial correlations of the new tests given the standard tests in order to generate plausible simple correlations among the new tests and plausible multiple correlations between composites of the new tests and the standard tests. The real data example included suggests that the method can be useful in practical problems. (18pp.

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