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Computer-Assisted Guidance: Concepts and Practices SIGI

Katz, Martin R.; Shatkin, Laurence
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ETS Research Report
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Career Counseling, Career Education, Computer Oriented Programs, Decision Making, Guidance Programs, System of Interactive Guidance and Information (SIGI)


This report reviews and analyzes the development and status of Computer-Assisted-Guidance (CAG) systems. In terms of eight major topics which are introduced in a discussion of guidance and the computer, the report discusses the capabilities of computers in reference to other resources for guidance and describes and differentiates various CAG Systems. The eight focuses with their minor headings are scope (information and guidance, data processing, and populations and settings), content (appraisal, information, decision-making, and planning), structure (direct access to information, structured search for occupations, cross-walks, and system design, and script-writing), procedures (what to include, sources of data, interpretation of data, and updating information), costs (itemization of components and typical costs per terminal hour), effects, and rationales for guidance and models of career decision-making (Parson's true reasoning, trait-matching for success or membership, and freedom, understanding, competence, and satisfaction). A list of references and glossary of acronyms are appended. (YLB). (88pp.)

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