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A Summary of the Results of the Graduate Management Admission Council ( GMAC) Validity Study Service for 1979-1980 GMAC GMAT VSS

Moss, Pamela A.; Powers, Donald E.
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Report Number:
RR-80-29, GMAC-80-03
ETS Research Report
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Graduate Management Admissions Council, Admissions, Business Administration Education, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Graduate Management, Predictive Validity, Validity Study Service (VSS)


The GMAC Validity Study Service was created to enable graduate schools of management to investigate the adequacy of the devices and procedures they use for selection purposes and to facilitate the accumulation and summary of data from many individual graduate management schools. Participating schools are required to provide information on three standard predictors (GMAT-V, GMAT-Q, and undergraduate grade point average) and one standard criterion (first year average in management school). In addition, each school may specify optional subgroupings, predictors and criteria relevant to its admissions process. In the 1979-80 academic year, 38 schools participated in the Validity Study Service. This report provides (a) a descriptive summary of the validity of GMAT scores and undergraduate grade point average as predictors of first year grade point average in management school, (b) a categorization of optional variables designated by individual schools along with the correlational analyses for the most frequently specified variables, and (c) a comparison of the results of the 1979-80 Validity Study Service with the results from previous years.

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