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Characteristics of Outstanding Young Artists: Arts (1980-81) and Scholars in the Arts (1979-80) ARTS

Ward, William C.
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ETS Research Report
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Artists, Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS), High School Students, Scholars in the Arts Program, Student Characteristics


Questionnaires were sent to the most outstanding young artists participating in the 1980-81 ARTS program and in its predecessor, the 1979-80 Scholars in the Arts. The students provided information about (a) their educational plans; (b) awards and other recognition they had received; (c) reasons for entering the program and reactions to their experience in it; (d) family background; and (e) their career aspirations. In general, participants were individuals with serious educational and career plans involving continued work in their discipline, and they reported their experience in the program to have been a positive and beneficial one. (28pp.)

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