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Considerations for Developing Measures of Speaking and Listening

Powers, Donald E.
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Language Skills, Listening Comprehension Tests, Measurement Techniques, Speech Tests, Test Construction, Verbal Tests


The College Board has identified several basic intellectual competencies thought to be essential for effective work in all fields of college study, among them listening and speaking. An issue that arises in connection with these competencies is the availability of suitable measures to assess students' development in these areas. This report considers the availability and adequacy of existing measures of speaking and listening, and discusses a number of issues that should be considered in any efforts to develop new measures of these skills. These issues include: availability and adequacy of existing measures; defining listening and speaking; developing content specifications; relationships among reading, writing, listening, and speaking; instructional effort directed towards speaking and listening; conforming to professionally accepted standards for educational and psychological tests; and administrative feasibility and costs. (AUTHOR/BW). (9pp.)

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