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Statistics in Antitrust Litigation

King, Benjamin F.
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ETS Research Report
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Antitrust Litigation, Consultants, Consumer Protection, Court Litigation, Research Methodology, Sampling, Statistical Analysis, Surveys


The antitrust laws were made to discourage business firms from improper use of economic power. They were intended to keep markets competitive, and to ensure that the behavior of businesses toward other firms, as well as toward consumers, is fair. Cases brought under the antitrust laws involve price-fixing, improper allocation, control of production, resale price maintenance, tying arrangements, and price discrimination, among other specific practices that may have adverse effects on competition in the marketplace. These cases often fall in the category of complex litigation. Because much of the complexity results from issues of measurement, estimation, and inference under uncertainty, attorneys may hire statisticians as consultants or expert witnesses. This paper deals with the role of the statistician as a consultant or expert witness in cases of antitrust litigation. (49pp.)

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