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Relationships Between Job Functions and the NTE Core Battery: Analysis of the Professional Functions of Teachers. Exec. Summary NTE

Rosenfeld, Michael; Skurnik, Larry S.; Thornton, Richard F.
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ETS Research Report
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Job Analysis, National Teacher Examinations (NTE), Teachers


Teachers are certified or licensed in many jurisdictions in the United States by a credentialing process that utilizes, in part, the NTE Programs tests produced by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The primary function of the Core Battery, which is the subject of this research study, is to provide objective evidence of knowledge acquired through teacher-training programs, as corroboration of academic preparation for teaching. Before allowing a state to use the tests in the certification process, the NTE Policy Council requires as part of the validation strategy that a panel of experts judge the content of each item for its relevance to the job of teaching and to that particular state's teacher-education curriculum. Only those items judged to be relevant measures of a particular curriculum and the knowledge and skills necessary for the job performance of a beginning teacher are included in scoring for certification in that jurisdiction. The purpose of the study described in this report was to provide a basis for further documenting content validity and to provide evidence of construct validity by using an alternative strategy. This strategy involves identifying the important job functions of teachers that cut across specific grade levels taught and subject-matter specialties, identifying important professional knowledge areas required of beginning teachers and establishing linkages between important job functions and knowledge areas (Appendices issued separately.) (192pp.)

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