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The Development and Field Testing of SIGI PLUS SIGI

Bennett, Mary F.; Norris, Lila; Schott, Penelope Scambly; Shatkin, Laurence
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Adult Students, Careers, Decision Making, Field Tests, Guidance, Occupational Information, SIGI PLUS, System of Interactive Guidance and Information (SIGI)


The computer-based System of Interactive Guidance and Information...Plus More (SIGI PLUS), was field-tested and evaluated at 7 colleges, 1 high school, and 1 independent counseling center. Developed by Educational Testing Service, SIGI PLUS assists students and adults in the process of informed and rational career decision making. Interacting with a computer, users examine their values, interests, and skills, retrieve relevant information about occupations, formulate plans, and learn decision-making strategies. SIGI PLUS ran smoothly at the field test sites and was received enthusiastically by users and counselors.

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