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SIGI PLUS At ETS: Development and Field Testing ETS SIGI

Norris, Lila; Shatkin, Laurence
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Career Counseling, Computer Oriented Programs, Educational Testing Service, Field Tests, Guidance, Personnel Needs, System of Interactive Guidance and Information (SIGI)


SIGI PLUS, a computer-based career guidance system, was developed at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) as a guidance tool for counseling a varied audience, including adults and students. It is being used mainly on college campuses. SIGI PLUS is not ideally suited for counseling adults in companies. Therefore ETS is trying to integrate company-specific information into SIGI PLUS. A modified SIGI PLUS system will better serve the needs of adults in companies. The result is the prototype corporate system of SIGI PLUS. The new prototype system was field tested at ETS. The original (generic) SIGI PLUS has nine sections. ETS employees participated in the evaluation. Each was given two questionnaires. In general, participants liked SIGI PLUS and found it useful.

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