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The Relationship of Undergraduate Major to General Knowledge Scores NTE

DeMauro, Gerald E.
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ETS Research Report
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General Knowledge Test (NTE), Majors (Students), National Teacher Examinations (NTE), Predictive Validity, Test Validity


Scores from the October 1986 and March 1987 national administrations of the NTE Test of General Knowledge were analyzed to determine if area of undergraduate major was related to performance on the four sections of the test. To control for the range of skills associated with different reasons for taking the test, self-reported cumulative undergraduate grade point average was used as a covariate in the analyses. Results for both administrations supported the construct validity of the test. The highest scores on the literature and fine arts sections were achieved by humanities majors, social science majors achieved the highest scores on the social studies section, and natural science (including math, physical science and geological science) majors achieved the highest scores on the math and science sections. (19pp.)

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