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Analysis of the Revised Student Descriptive Questionnaire, Phase I: Accuracy of Student-Reported Information SDQ

Freeberg, Norman E.
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Biographical Inventories, Pretesting, Self Evaluation (Individuals), Student Descriptive Questionnaire (SDQ), Test Construction, Test Reliability


As a self-report instrument, the Student Descriptive Questionnaire (SDQ) has, since 1971, enabled college applicants to describe a range of interests, activities, plans, and abilities in both academic and nonacademic areas. This information, obtained as an optional part of the College Board's Admissions Testing Program (ATP) and forwarded to colleges designated by the student, is intended to supplement the information base and thus improve the quality of decisions made by college admissions personnel, guidance counselors, and program planners. Introduced in the 1985-86 academic year, the first major revision of the SDQ resulted in a shorter version (42 items instead of 63), a change in item format, and a sharper focus on the academic aspects of student experiences and goals. This report represents an initial study phase dealing exclusively with the accuracy of the information provided in the newly revised SDQ. The report is based on an examination of (1) the veracity of student responses for certain limited, verifiable forms of information (that is, where alternate or external sources of data are available) and (2) the logical or internal consistency of responses between selected item pairs within the questionnaire that lend themselves to comparisons for that purpose. (30pp.)

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