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School Districts' Allocation of Chapter 1 Resources

Goertz, Margaret E.; Milne, Ann; Coley, Richard J.; Hoppe, Margaret R.; Gaffney, Michael J.; Schember, Daniel M.
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ETS Research Report
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Department of Education, Educational Finance, Federal Aid, Resource Allocation, School Districts


For the past two decades, the federal government has provided funds to local school districts to meet the special educational needs of educationally deprived children living in high poverty areas. Under both Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and its successor legislation, Chapter 1 of the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act, allocation of funds to local school districts is driven by federal and state formulas. Local school districts then decide how these resources will be divided among participating schools and students. This study, which was part of a Congressionally mandated assessment of the Chapter 1 program, focusses on how school districts allocate resources to Chapter 1 schools and students. This report describes the mechanisms used by a sample of 17 local school districts to allocate Chapter 1 resources in 1985-86 and the resulting distribution of resources across schools in these districts; discusses the factors that underlie these resource allocation policies; and examines changes in resource allocation policies and patterns since 1980-81. The findings from this study provide insights into the impact of intradistrict resource allocation policies and practices on the breadth and intensity of Chapter 1 services and on the delivery of services to Chapter 1 participants. (212pp.)

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