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State Educational Standards in the 50 States: An Update

Goertz, Margaret E.
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ETS Research Report
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Educational Policy, Followup Studies, Standards, State Standards, Surveys


This report updates an earlier report that described state educational standards for students, teachers, and schools and school districts in effect in the 1984-85 school year. The first section summarizes the state-prescribed standards that were in effect in the 1986-87 school year and the changes that took place between 1984-85 and 1986-87. Tables providing state-by-state comparisons are included. The second part contains individual profiles of the 50 states. These profiles present more detailed information on student standards (testing, high school graduation requirements, attendance, and other policies), teacher standards (teacher preparation, certification, recertification, and staff development), and school and school district standards (minimum length of the school year and school day and curriculum requirements). The information presented in this report, as in the earlier one, pertains only to those requirements prescribed at the state level, generally by the legislature or State Board of Education. In many cases, local school districts, and even schools, may apply more stringent standards. (149pp.)

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