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A Comparative Analysis of Writing Features Used by Selected Black and White Students in the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the New Jersey High School Proficiency Test NAEP

Chaplin, Miriam T.
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ETS Research Report
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Black Students, Essay Tests, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), New Jersey High School Proficiency Test, White Students, Writing Evaluation


One important step in teaching students to succeed in writing on demand is the analysis of students' writing in the tests which they have already taken. The present investigation takes an in-depth view of the essays written by early adolescent Black and White students in the 1983-83 National Assessment of Educational progress and Black students in the 1986 New Jersey High School Proficiency Test. The analysis of the data emanating from this study can be used to plan instruction that is immediately relevant to students' strengths and needs. Such instruction can be grounded in school sponsored writing, but its focus should be broad enough to include writing experiences which will lead to improved performances in testing and in the world beyond the classroom as well. (89pp.)

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