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Measurement Science and Training CAT

Bunderson, C. Victor
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ETS Research Report
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Computer Assisted Testing, Criterion Referenced Tests, Job Training, Mastery Tests, Measurement Objectives, Test Use


The need for training and retraining is a central element in current discussions about the economy of the United States. This paper was designed to introduce training practitioners to some new concepts about how measurement science can provide a new framework for assessing progress and can add new discipline to the development, implementation, and conduct of training. The paper is a discussion- focusing chapter in a forthcoming ASTD-sponsored book in which other chapters are written by training practitioners. The paper demonstrates that measurement science, revitalized by interactive technologies and the disciplines of cognitive science, instructional science, applied artificial intelligence, and studies of organizational change, can be used to address the economic challenge our nation currently faces. Basic concepts of measurement science as applied to training and performance are described, and newer concepts, such as mastery assessment systems and the four generations of computerized measurement, are explored to demonstrate their applicability to training and performance measurement. A hypothetical future training application, making use of the advantages offered by advances in measurement science, is described. (82pp.)

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