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Grade Level and Performance on the Core Battery, 1986-87 National Administration NTE

DeMauro, Gerald E.
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ETS Research Report
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Education Majors, Instructional Program Divisions, National Teacher Examinations (NTE), Performance Factors, Test Validity


Among the three NTE Core Battery tests, Professional Knowledge purports to measure skills that are acquired only after academic experience as an education major, while Communication Skills and General Knowledge both purport to measure skills that do not require this specialized experience. The scores of education majors for the 1986-87 national test administrations were analyzed for differential sensitivity of the three tests to educational attainment. Since examinees with different degrees of experience who choose to take the tests may have different levels of skills, test scores were adjusted for grade point average. Results showed that Professional Knowledge was more sensitive to academic experience than were General Knowledge or Communication Skills. This outcome is interpreted as support of the construct validity of the Core Battery. (19pp.)

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