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Surveys of the Use of Hand Calculators and Microcomputers in College Preparatory and College Science Classes

Pfeiffenberger, G. Will; Zolandz, Ann Marie
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Calculators, College Preparation, Electromechanical Aids, Microcomputers, Science Education, Surveys


At the present time, there does not appear to be a strong interest by high school or college teachers for the introduction of microcomputer simulations in College Board tests in science. A minority of teachers thought that such simulations could test new skills. Although computers are enjoying significant and wide- ranging uses in some classrooms, they have not yet achieved such uses in a majority of classrooms. Such widespread availability of computers and their use by students would be a desirable characteristic for the efficient implementation of computers in national testing programs. However, considerable research in the realm of computer-assisted instruction and assessment is currently being conducted, and new developments in hardware and software keep the area of computer use in classrooms open to rapid change. Because there are potential advantages to using computers in standardized testing programs, the current situation should continue to be monitored closely. (125pp.)

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