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Developing a Comprehensive Teacher Assessment Program: New Pylonson a Well-Worn Path

Reynolds, Anne
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ETS Research Report
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Evaluation Methods, Job Knowledge, Teacher Evaluation, Test Construction


In teacher assessment, we have choices to make about what to assess, how to assess, when to assess, and whether to assess at all. In order to guide the decision-making process in this paper, a conceptual framework has been constructed that integrates teacher actions, teacher knowledge, and state-of-the art assessment methodologies. The first four sections of the paper discuss components critical to the development of a meaningful assessment: the tasks of teaching, the knowledge base teachers draw on in order to accomplish the tasks of teaching, the relationship between teacher actions and teacher knowledge, and assessment forms appropriate for measuring teacher knowledge and actions. The fifth section of the paper brings together these components to describe a program of teacher assessment. The paper concludes with thoughts about future research in the assessment of teaching. (67pp.)

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