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A Study of Gender and Performance on Advanced Placement History Examinations AP

Breland, Hunter M.; Danos, Despina O.; Kahn, Helen D.; Kubota, Melvin Y.; Sudlow, Marilyn W.
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ETS Research Report
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Advanced Placement Examinations, History Tests, Performance Factors, Sex Differences


In European History, SAT-verbal scores made significant independent contributions, although TSWE and ECT scores did not. This study suggests that format effects are real and cannot be attributed to bias in scoring or to totally irrelevant variables. When scoring was conducted analytically with a focus on historical content, no sex differences were observed in the free-response portions. This is the same result observed for the regular administration readings, which are graded holistically and by different readers. The sexes appear to differ in how they respond to two legitimate but different ways of assessing history skills. The study raises the question of how much influence basic skills and aptitude should have on the outcomes of assessments in specific areas of achievement. (38pp.)

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