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Automatic Item Selection (AIS) Methods in the ETS Testing Environment AIS

Stocking, Martha L.; Swanson, Len; Pearlman, Mari
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Test Content, Test Items, Automated Item Selection (AIS), Algorithms, Test Construction


Funds allocated under Corporate Priority III.D (Alternative Service Delivery) were used to extend previous research results into methods of automatically assembling draft tests. These extensions were of two different types. First, extensions and modifications were made to a previously developed algorithm for automated item selection. Second, this algorithm was incorporated into the existing Test Development/Document Creation (TD/DC) system for storing and manipulating item text and information electronically. Over half of the project budget was allocated for the training and support of selected test development staff in the use of the new software. The motivation for this project was to enable the rapid production of large number of tests to be delivered by computer.

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