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Foreign Service Job Analysis Report USIA

Boldt, Robert F.; Oltman, Philip K.; Rosenfeld, Michael
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Department of Commerce, Department of State, Foreign Service Officers, International Relations, Job Analysis, Occupational Information, United States Information Agency (USIA)


This paper describes the procedures followed to develop a job analysis for Foreign Service Officers. The procedure was designed to provide up-to-date information describing the jobs of Foreign Service Officers in Grades three through six with the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), and the Foreign Commercial Service, and the prerequisite knowledge areas, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics (KSAs) judged important for effective performance of those jobs. The primary data used in the study were the judgments of Grade three through six Foreign Service Officers and their immediate supervisors regarding a comprehensive list of tasks and relevant KSAs. Once the tasks and KSA lists were developed, two scales were developed to rate them on: 1) time spent on task; and 2) importance of KSA to performance of the job. Included in this report is a 153-item table of "Mean Task Importance Ratings by "Cone"/Agency, Incumbents", and a 112-item table of "KSA Mean Importance Ratings by Cone/Agency, Incumbents." (Cones are the four mean career areas for Foreign Service Officers.) The data generated from the study will serve as a basis for: 1) designing the future selection system; and 2) documenting the job relatedness and content validity of the new selection system.

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