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Reducing Illiteracy: Review of Effective Practices in Adult Literacy Programs, Volume I

Solorzano, Ronald W.
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ETS Research Report
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Adult Literacy, Instructional Effectiveness, Instructional Programs, Literacy Education, Literature Reviews, Performance Evaluation, Program Evaluation, Teaching Methods


The literature noted that leadership qualities of adult literacy program managers included the willingness to conduct or provide for such evaluations. Outreach and recruitment efforts that emphasized the different nature of the literacy program to adults appeared to keep learners longer. Providing support services ranging from transportation to counseling also helped retain learners. The timing of support services was an important factor as well. Leadership qualities are considered an important characteristic for program managers. Diversifying funding sources, monitoring program operations, and proving the "glue" to keep personnel working towards program goals are the qualities that successful program managers exhibit. Although work remains to be done in identifying effective practices in adult literacy (perhaps in "controlled" settings), this report identified program areas and described effective practices that can lay the basis for further inquiry and/or possible replication.

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